Top 10 Cebu Street Food

1. Balut (duck or chicken egg with developed embryo ) When the sun starts to set, you would hear this in every busy streets in the city, baluuuuuut! resounding like an echo for balut-eaters. Best when mixed with chili and vinegar, and a pinch of salt. Crack, slurp, crack, slurp, and everything can be eaten well except the egg shell for sure. A high protein food. 2. Taho (soybean custard) A balut’s opposite. Tahooooo! is like a morning croak for the locals, especially for kids. Caramelized sugar and sago add up to its sweet taste. 3. Temura / Fishball Though its Japanese food origin, affordability and good taste made to top Cebu street food. Fry, put it in a stick and dipped in a sweet and sour sauce, deliciouso! 4. Mani (Peanut) Can avail it in different forms, boiled, fried or raw peanut. It is said to be good for the brain, so most students eat peanuts before taking their exams. Street, delicious foods… 5. Barbecue / Camotecue A local snack item in Cebu. It is a ripe banana or sweet potato fried with brown sugar. 6. Flavor of the road – ice cream Usually sold by a vendor rolling a huge drum of ice cream with a small bell to attract customers especially kids. 7. Green Mango with shrimp paste 8. Siomai 9. Ngoiong 10. Kwek-kwek (fried boiled egg with orange-colored flour coating)

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