Floating book fair to arrive in Cebu

The world’s largest book fair is coming to Cebu on January 10, 2012. MV Logos Hope is expecting more than 100,000 to step on board for its arrival.

The ship will arrive with more than 5,000 relevant book titles aboard at Malacañang Park, Cebu Port. This will mark Logos Hope's historic first visit to the Queen City of the South. Its sister ship, MV Doulos, has already visited Cebu in 2009.

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The ship is registered to the Port of the Scandinavian Faroe Islands. Its gross weight tonnage is 12,519 tons while its dead weight tonnage is 6,400 tons. It has a crew of around 400 members, including six Filipinos and a Cebuano, hailing from 45 countries across the world.

The members of the MV Logos ship crew voluntarily render their time and service to the book library.

The overall book carrying capacity of the library is around 1,100 cubic meters.

The vessel has book titles that you cannot see in most bookstores. There are books and video disc titles suitable for children and for adults.

It is worthy and enjoyable to be there with the entire family.

Logos Hope has books for recreational reading, professional preferences, and personality and individual development and books talking about global cultures.

Logos Hope also offers an educational program, feeding program, volunteer program and cultural program, training programs and many more. The ship has also several activities in line for visitors.

Apart from the book sale, Logos Hope also extends literary aid to people in developing countries. In the course of its service, it has donated textbooks ad reference volumes to individuals, schools, libraries, community groups, colleges, and universities.

The wide range of literature on board offers visitors many opportunities for personal development.

The crew and staff come from many different nations and cultures. Despite their differences, they seek to understand and respect one another, and work together to serve the people in ports the ship visits. As people meet and interact with those on board, they are inspired and given hope for restoration of relationships in their families and communities.

International crew members can share their life experiences in traveling around the world. The ship is fully airconditioned and you can actually have a good conversation with them at the cafe.

The official opening is on January 11 and will run until February 14. Tickets are available at the ticket booth for P20. Admission is free for kids aged five years below.