LBC in Banilad was robbed 80 Thousand

FOUR men robbed a courier service company in Barangay Banilad, Cebu City past noon yesterday.

They pulled off the heist in less than five minutes, and ran away with about P80,000 in cash and three cellular phones from the two female employees and a lone female client of LBC-Banilad branch at the Gaisano Country Mall.

Employees Giecin Mae Obsioma and Mary Caryn Nasataya, both customer associates, and client Candida Mondoñedo told the police that the robbers kept on
threatening to shoot them, though they did not see any of the four robbers holding a gun.

The robbery broke a lull of more than five months, in which no major heists were reported in the city. The last major robbery in the city before yesterday’s occurred last May, when eight armed men robbed two adjacent jewelry stores on Magallanes St.

1st time

Theft and Robbery Section Chief Michael Anthony Bastes said it was the first time they heard of robbers who displayed no guns.

The robbery occurred at 12:30 p.m.

Nasataya told reporters that prior to the robbery, the three men went inside the LBC and sat on the chairs provided for clients. One of the robbers was heard saying, “Init kaayo, bay! Manglingkod sa ta (It’s so hot outside. Let’s sit here).”

After the arrival of the fourth suspect, who later drove the getaway motorcycle, the three then headed to the counter and declared a holdup.

Two went inside the cashier’s cubicle, while one approached client Mondoñero. Another suspect stayed on a chair near the glass door and served as the lookout.

Mondoñero, who was still trembling during the interview, said one of the men told her not to look up.

“Sige siya’g ingun ayaw’g tan-aw. Ayaw’g lingi. Duko lang diha. Ayaw mo og palag, pamusilon ta mo (Don’t look. Don’t resist or I’ll shoot you),” Mondoñero said.

The robbers did not wear masks.

Nasataya said that after taking the cash from the drawers amounting to more than P50,000, the two robbers proceeded to the cash vault inside a room with Obsioma in tow.

They told Nasataya to stay at the cashier’s counter.

The robbers left LBC immediately after taking the P20,000 cash inside the cash vault.

Three boarded the getaway motorcycle while the other suspect walked toward Mahiga Bridge.

Bastes said that the police received the call for help about 10 minutes after the attack.


Police failed to arrest any of the suspects despite the blockade they set up after receiving the alarm. Bastes and Councilor Sylvan Jakosalem, who went to the area, learned that the establishment does not have security guards or a surveillance camera.

“I was very surprised to find out that they had no guards and even a remote door lock considering they receive cash payments, important documents and valuable things to ship,” Jakosalem told Sun.Star Cebu.

Jakosalem said the City Council will have its final deliberation on an ordinance making it mandatory for all banking institutions and other establishments extending similar and related services to the public to install security cameras.

Bastes said the police have been reminding establishments to hire security guards and install surveillance cameras as part of “target-hardening measures” against robbers.

No guns

Bastes also lamented the failure of the security guards in the nearby establishments to notice the robbery. He found out that some of the detailed guards do not have firearms.

Julius Buhia, LBC’s legal staff associate, in a separate interview with reporters said yesterday’s incident was the first time that their LBC branch in Cebu City was victimized by robbers this year.

Although they do not have security guards or security cameras, he said they have reminded their employees to be extra careful, especially that robberies are prevalent and the holidays—with its corresponding rise in crimes against property—are approaching.

Because of the incident, Buhia said he may suggest to the management to hire security guards and put up security cameras. (JTG)

Story from sunstart cebu

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