Cebu’s best tourist spots secrets

THERE are plenty of regular haunts in Cebu that everyone knows about, from the five-star resorts in Mactan to the typical tourist spots in the city where everyone brings first-timers. Do yourself a favor and skip all the places where the tourists with the big hats and fanny packs and cameras around their necks hang out.
In no particular order, here’s a list of alternatives for your next visit to Cebu:

1. Zone 360 Restaurant and Bar

Beer monsters, rejoice! Ice-cold San Mig Light and Pilsen at only P40, and six bottles of ice-cold Red Horse for only P200 are specialties of this totally unpretentious casual resto-bar with good, fast service and an even better policy – if the beer’s not ice cold, it’s free!

Unlike the freezing technology for Beer Below Zero, the system for extremely cold beer here was developed by two homegrown buddies – Vincent Lazaro and Glenn Gucor – through their combined backgrounds in engineering and IT, and their genuine passion for drinking cold beer.

The bar chow is good, especially the Dynamite Roll, ham, cheese and chili pepper wrapped in spring roll wrapper. Other popular dishes include Sinigang na Lechon, maskara (deep-fried pork cheeks), and the sizzling balut, which is not for the faint of heart.

Zone 360 is at Grill Ave., Gen. Maxilom Ave. (in front of Mango Park Hotel). Call
+32 231-ZONE. Open Monday-Saturday, 5:30 p.m.-2 a.m.

2. Second Chance

A venue for rebirth and a new beginning, Second Chance is not a place for sinners seeking redemption or a drug rehab clinic. It does, however, give new life to old leather. Bring in old shoes, wallets, bags, jackets, belts and any old leather items and pick them up in a few days distinctly restored. They can even change the flaking leatherette from your favorite pair of sandals to real leather.

Second Chance is at F. Ramos St. Call +32-2361673. Open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-
7 p.m.

3. Jaime Chua’s farm

Located up in the mountains of Mawmawan, Busay, drive through the scenic trans-central highway, and follow the road to the right at the 15.5-km point (immediately after a “reduce speed” road sign), and see Jaime Chua’s gorgeous 1.7-hectare showcase of orchids, ornamental plants, water plants, birds of paradise and herbs. If you’ve reached Ayala Heights, make a U-ey, because you’ve gone too far.

Call Daisy at 0917-3245949 for inquiries.

4. Bodo’s Bamboo Bar

One of the best places to check out the amazing view of the Alcoy coastline, which has earned a reputation as the French Riviera of Cebu for its azure-blue sea, is over lunch at this German-Filipino couple-owned resort on a hill. The resort’s breezy restaurant offers panoramic views of the sea, including the neighboring island of Bohol, and serves international and Filipino dishes with the coldest beers.

Bodo’s Bamboo Bar is in Pasol, Alcoy. Call +32-4839119, 0905-3427189.

5. Pandanon Island

If you looked up the dictionary for the definition of “island paradise,” you’d find a photo of this island. Only a 45-minute pump-boat ride from Mactan – though it’s already considered part of Bohol – this 2-hectare stretch of white coral sand is the perfect place to worship the sea and sun. Bring your own volleyball, food and beer, and you can rent a hut to put your things in, and a grill to barbecue from an island cooperative. Cover is P150 a head, and proceeds go to the community of about 350 families and 2,000 people who reside on the western part of the island.

For more details, contact Getafe Councilor and Pandanon managing owner Tony Pet Ouano at 0917-6026756.

6. Kawasan Falls

Two and a half hours by car southwest of Cebu City, Kawasan Falls in Matutinao, south of Badian, is a beautiful three-tiered cascade of mountain freshwater. You have to be decently fit to explore the falls – it’s a 2-kilometer walk along a rocky, narrow path from the parking area, then about 50 uneven steps up to the waterfalls. The higher up the river valley, the more picturesque the sight and the wilder the scenery, with areas that require swimming up a gorge and scrambling up rocks. Enjoy a picnic lunch and a cool swim in the falls.

Book your trip with Alice Queblatin of Southwind Travel and Tours at +32-4172247 to 49 or at

7. Unchuan farm

Officially known as Molave Wood Farms and Stables, this 38-hectare farm has practically everything – a natural spring that cascades like a small waterfall, a Japanese koi pond, a firing range and a mini-golf course. Animals include cows and carabaos, pigs with their own swimming pool, ostriches, pheasants, ducks, horses, geese, and sheep imported from Australia, which if likened to cows, are of wagyu standard.

While at the farm, grab a cone of their super fresh milk ice cream, made from cow or carabao milk, or buy their carabao cheese to bring home.

Unchuan farm is on the main road in Barili, southern Cebu. Contact Paquito Unchuan at 0917-3216545 for inquiries.

8. “40” The Band

It doesn’t matter that they’re better known as “40” The Band from way back, but are currently called Cuarenta, with only two original band members, Arnold Ang on guitar and Lyndon Banzon on bass guitar. Together with Henri Tradio and Randy Pages on guitar, Juel Zuleta on drums and Kaye Tradio on vocals, these guys are phenomenal. Catch them playing classic rock and blues covers of Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, AC/DC, Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zep at the laid-back hangout The Outpost on Nivel Hills.

To find out their schedule of gigs, call Arnold Ang at 0928-5209932.

9. Dive instructor
John Melendres

Learn to dive with Cebu’s best dive instructor who has been giving safe and fun lessons since 1998. Parents trust their young kids with John because he puts safety first, and is primarily concerned with your experience underwater, not his own. Patient and uncompromising, John is the best person to go to for your Padi Open Water license. The whole course takes a minimum of three days, and at P12,500, already includes your license, dive manuals and gear, and four dives to Mactan’s best dive spots like Nalusuan, Gilutungan, Talima, Dakit and Tingo. If you’re lucky, you’ll see great barracudas and eagle rays at Dakit, just along the shores of Mactan, or thresher sharks at Tingo, which is only a 10-minute boat ride away from Mactan.

Contact John Melendres at 0917-6218911 or at

10. 10 Dove St.

Marisol Verallo serves amazing value-for-money meals in a tasteful, cozy 25-seater café, just outside her house. For P185, you can have your choice of salad, soup, sandwich and cake from a pretty extensive menu. For small parties, you can book the entire café and choose from well-priced set menus. Better known as the person to call for sweet treats, Marisol’s classic Chocolate Decadence cake, made from Belgian chocolates, and bite-size Harvard Squares have had a cult following for over a decade. Her newer mango creations, such as Mango Avocado Cake, Mango Ube Cake and Mango Pandan Cake, are also sublime.

10 Dove Street is in Sto. Niño Village, Banilad, Cebu City. Call +32-3460618. Open Monday-Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

11. Café Georg

This café is not a secret at all, and in fact, I think everybody in Cebu frequents this joint –it’s always packed for lunch and dinner, but it’s a must-stop for a meal in the city for the simple reason that the food is always consistently good and the price is right. Bunny Ludo-Alcordo has done an excellent job with the comfort-food menu, offering something for everyone. The pastas are super, especially the mushroom asparagus pasta, tomato and basil pasta, and the aglio olio, and the cakes make fighting for the last piece on the plate well worth it.

Café Georg is at Banilad. Call +32-2340887.

12. Yu residence

This private residence in Barili is a beautiful old house, which originally served as the town’s municipal hall, and is now the weekend home of the Yu family. The Old-World elegance of the house, with its well-maintained wooden staircase, antique vases, mirrors and other home accents, gives you a glimpse of what life was like for the well-to-do then.

To arrange for a tour or have a meal served at the house, contact Alice Queblatin of Southwind Travel and Tours at +32-4172247 to 49 or at

13. ‘Chicharon’ and St. Catherine’s Church in Carcar

A trip to the South will lead you to Cebu’s second oldest church, Carcar church, with its twin bell towers made with Muslim-style minarets. St. Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of Carcar, is honored with a statue on church grounds. At the rotunda of the town, witness a flurry of activity with vendors selling the locally made ampaw or rice puffs, as well as the very unholy chicharon, pork rind deep-fried in boiling lard.

14. Badian Island

About two and a half hours from the city by car and an additional five minutes by boat –
or by special request, less than 30 minutes from the airport by helicopter, this island beach destination at the southwest coast of Cebu is stunningly beautiful, luxurious and ultra private. Their website describes the white sands as “whisk[ing] you out into an inspiring world between heaven and ocean,” and they are not exaggerating. The well-appointed all-suite resort offers generously large rooms with secluded balconies, and the Thalasso Pool Villa comes with a private seawater pool overlooking Badian Bay and the mountains of Cebu.

Call Badian Island Resort and Spa at +32-4751102 to 1106 or visit

15. Crocolandia

About a half-hour drive from Cebu’s city center is a well-maintained nature conservation center in Talisay, which houses birds, lizards, snakes, civets, ostriches, eagles and other rare animals, including crocodiles. The park’s most famous resident is Lapu-Lapu, a six-meter long saltwater crocodile. Watch the crowd’s reaction when the park attendants feed it whole chickens – you can see a lightbulb go on in everybody’s head with a better understanding of the sign “Do not extend your hands beyond the rails.”

Crocolandia is at Biasong, Talisay. Call +32-2731842. Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

16. Montenegro Sylvannas

Indulge in this much-loved sweet treat – a light and creamy cashew pastry with butter cream filling – by the lady who has been baking them since the ’70s. Known as the best in town, Nena Montenegro’s sylvannas make excellent household snacks, party desserts or gifts at P370 for 24 pieces or P230 for 15 pieces.

To order, call +32-2322902. Pick up your order at #20 Dr. Tojong St. (just a stone’s throw away from Ayala).

17. Guitar shops

Known for its guitar-making industry, Cebu’s guitars, especially the ones from Maribago, Mactan, are considered top brass by guitar enthusiasts. Visit backyard factories in Maribago and catch guitar makers turning out quality handcrafted guitars of all sizes. One of the coolest scenes along the factories is a backpacker with a massive backpack on her back with a bottle of water on one bag pocket, and a newly bought guitar on the other side of the bag.

Cebu the Queen City of the South

Cebu City is situated off the eastern coast of the main island of Cebu Province in the southern Philippines. Looking into the Philippine history, Cebu is the site of the very first Spanish settlement in the country, thus ushering in the Spanish colonial era of the Philippines. The city is dubbed as the Southern Philippines' Queen City and is one of the country's strongest economies.

The city is also a center of commerce with busy seaports and an international airport that boosts its trade and industry. Cebu is one of the centers of trade, which actually is the most important one, in the southern Philippines. Both tourists and businessmen find their way south not only to take part of the trade but to enjoy the beautiful scenery also.

Cebu Weather

December to May would be the best time to visit Cebu City. It will usually be dry during this time without the usual tropical rains that fall the rest of the year. If you want to see Cebu during the coolest times of the year, you should go there from December to February. The months from March to May are the hottest, which is usually the peak of the summer heat.

Places to See in Cebu City

There are a lot of places to see in Cebu City. Much of the sites and key attractions are religious as well as historical. You'll find that a large part of the Cebu City's culture is shaped by its religious and colonial heritage. Some of places to see here are Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Lapu-Lapu Monument, Magellan Marker, and the Taoist Temple.

Other places to see in Cebu that are not of religious or cultural nature include Tops Skyline Garden, Mount Maninglaw, Santa Rosa Falls, Kawasan Falls, Liloan Lighthouse, Olango Wildlife Sanctuary, and an array of fine beaches.

Cebu's Resorts and Hotels

The city has a wide range of accommodations for different travelers. Budget class, mid-range, and first class travelers will find accommodations at reasonable prices. This does not go on to say that a budget hotel in Cebu is a ragtag sort of a place. On the contrary, you'll find budget hotels here to be elegant though quite modest when it comes to decor. Of course, travelers should always check if a hotel or inn is at par with acceptable standards.

Some budget class inns and hotels in the city are Westpoint Inn along Don Gil Garcia St., Stakili Estaca Beach Garden Resort on Km. 23, Kiwi Lodge on G. Tud Tud St., Hotel de Mercedes on Pelaez St., and Century Hotel at the corner of Pelaez and Colon. Average rates for budget class hotels in the city are around $15 to $20, but you should check currency exchange rates.

Mid-range hotels in Cebu City include Crown Regency Hotel along Osmeña Boulevard, Costabella Beach Resort on Mactan Island, Cebu Midtown Hotel on Fuente Osmeña, Cebu Grand Hotel on North Escario St., Castle Peak at the corner of Pres. Quezon and F. Cabahug St., and Rajah Park Hotel along Fuente Osmeña. Mid-range hotel rates range from around $35 to more than $100.

First class hotels in Cebu City include Crown Regency Suites Mactan along Maximo Patalinhug Jr. Avenue in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Hilton Resort and Spa on Mactan Island, Marriot Hotel in the Ayala Business Park, Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan along Airport Road, and White Sands at Maribago Beach on Mactan Island. Rates for hotels of this class start around $85.

Places to Eat in Cebu

There is a wide array of restaurants to choose from when dining in Cebu. You'll find both Asian Oriental and Western cuisine. You'll never run out of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and Filipino dishes. If you're into Continental, Spanish, and American dishes, you'll surely find restaurants that serve them or would give you a fusion of the world's flavors.

Two of the best places to look for food in Cebu are within IT Park and Ayala Mall. Aside from housing different restaurants and bars, these places have free Wi-Fi. You'll also find a place to eat in these areas that stay open 24/7.

Some of the note worthy restaurants in Cebu are Spice Fusion, KK's Malaysian Restaurant, Golden Cowrie, Giuseppe's, Se Bens Authentic Cebu Lechon, Cielo, La Buona Forchetta, Manok ni Senor Pedro, Neo-Neo, and Goodah-Gud.

A trip to Cebu is a leisurely stroll through beautiful tropical urban life and a glimpse of early Philippine colonial days. Cebu is for those who seek business ventures and looking to relax and unwind.

A 5,088.4 square kilometer-land surrounded by the progressive provinces of Bohol, Leyte, and Negros, Cebu is one of the most beautiful provinces that can be found in the beautiful group of islands called the Philippines. This island is surrounding by much smaller yet equally wonderful islands such as the Camotes Island, Bantayan, and Mactan Island. Almost year-round, many thrill-seekers and adventurers continuously visit this place to experience the beauty and attracting power of this place.

Discovered by world-renowned explorer Ferdinand Magellan in around 1521, the Philippines takes pride in Cebu as one of its most historic and colorful possessions. During World War II, the Japanese military used this as one of its strategic points for battle, before being regained by the joint Filipino and American forces. With all these events, it is pretty clear why this province has a very rich and colorful culture to brag about.

As one of the most developed provinces in the country, Cebu continues to thrive in the areas of education, trade, and business. At the same time, it has also made a name for itself in terms of its pristine natural surroundings. Its beautiful coastlines, wonderful plains, and beautiful plateaus all add to its enchanting appeal as a tropical island. Furthermore, its lush mountains and rich hills also help the place gain its attractive beauty.

The province of Cebu is proud to have its so-called Cebu Metropolitan Area, which is comprised of seven cities, including Talisay, Naga, Mandaue, Danao, Bogo, Lapu-Lapu, Carcar, and the capital Cebu City. Just like all the highly developed places in the country, this one has numerous shopping centers, first-class hotels, and beautiful convention facilities. Furthermore, elegant casinos, crystal clear beaches, and competitive golf courses attract a great deal of tourists and guests towards this wonderful province.

Throughout the years, Cebu has developed into a major force in business, earning huge amount of money from industries like food processing, chemicals, and computers. Moreover, it relies heavily on key imports like car stereos, electronic components, and semiconductors to boost its economic status. Additionally, its financial systems are very much stable, which comprise of 5 government banks, 27 rural banks, and 50 commercial banks.

In terms of education, Cebu offers more than a thousand of highly competitive public and private schools for elementary students. At the same time, it offers 200 schools for high school students, as well as 29 colleges and 9 universities. Some of the most popular colleges and universities in the province are the Cebu Normal University, University of the Visayas, and University of San Carlos.

Cebu General Tourist Information

Time and again Cebu City, and the entire province, has been consistently ranked as one of the finest destinations in the world. Highly receptive to tourism and business, its economy has just grown stronger through the years, and progress has made the province a great location to visit and live in.

Location & Geography

Cebu is situated to the east of Negros, on the southeast by Bohol and directly to the west is Leyte. In between Cebu and Bohol is the Bohol Strait, while Tanon Strait lies alongside Negros and Cebu.

Geographically, the island stretches some 149 miles (225 km). The terrain varies widely as there are plenty of hills and plateaus. At the north and south ends are striking mountain ranges, most rising over 3,000 ft.

It should also be mentioned that there more than a hundred small islands surrounding Cebu, a majority of which have become popular with tourists and adventurers. Among them are Bantayan, Mactan and Camotes.


Cebuano is the language not just of the Cebuanos, but also of the people of Bohol. Negros Oriental, and other places like Davao, Zamboanga, and Surigao. There are some differences between the Cebuano spoken in each province, but the similarities are still strong. Most of those living in Cebu are also highly conversant in Tagalo and English.


As the first province to come under heavy control and rule of the Spanish conquistadors, Cebu is predominantly Roman Catholic. Like Manila they have their own Archdiocese and several churches. The Basilica Minore del Santo Nino holds the the statues of the Sto. Nino de Cebu, which, along with the Our Lady of Guadalupe, are the most revered saints in the province.

Other prominent churches are the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Sacred Heart Church, Santo Rosario Parish Church and several others.


The key to the economic success of the province is its infrastructure, which can rival that of any city in the Philippines. In the capital city lies the Cebu Business Park, which is considered as one of the main business and commercial centers in the country.

There is also the South Road Properties Economic Zone, the Mactan Export Processing Zone and the Asiatown Information Technology Park. All three serve as showcase areas for the finest in business and tourism.

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is capable of handling flights from all over the world, while the Cebu International Port, covering roughly 10 hectares, is one of the most vital shipping ports in the archipelago.

The telecommunications industry is one of the best, with everything from cable TV, cell phones to broadband Web access widely available. An abundance of coal powered and geothermal power plants ensure the steady flow of electricity in the province.


With a large percentage of shipping done in Cebu, as well as substantial air shipments as well, the entire province has become one of the most vital cogs in the economic growth of the Philippines. Not only are its ports and facilities numerous, but they are world class, leading to the establishment of foreign companies in the area.

Unlike other provinces, the province is more oriented towards industries than agriculture. One of its most well known is the making of furniture, which have grown to an extent that it is recognized as the finest in the country. Information technology, electronics, mining, banking are other businesses flourishing in Cebu.


On March 16, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan and his crew arrived in the capital of Cebu, where they were met by the Raja, the local ruler. In a short while the Spaniards had convinced the Raja to convert to Christianity, and after he and his wife were baptized, the other inhabitants soon followed.

Over forty years later, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi came and took over the entire province. For over 300 years the Spanish would rule until 1898, when the Americans came.

During World War II, Cebu suffered greatly, as its large population made it a prime target for the Japanese Imperial Army. It was not until March 1945 that the Philippine and US forces succeeded in driving away the Japanese.

Cebu Diving Places

Not only is Cebu one of the most economically advanced in the Philippines, but it is also has become one of the major dive site destinations as well. For divers and scuba diving enthusiasts, be sure to check out the following on your next voyage to the south.

Gato Island

If you are on Malapascua Island, it would be only a 40 minute ride by boat to get to Gato Island, one of the loveliest marine sanctuaries in Cebu.

Gato Island itself is enveloped by several large rock formations, impressive enough, but the real highlights are the assortment of reefs lying beneath the waters, and the exotic life forms living amongst them, the most notable being the whitetip reef sharks and several bamboosharks. You can also dive through a tunnel and see even more marine wonders.

Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

Driving to the western border of Cebu lies the town of Moalbaol, which is where you can begin the journey to Pnagsama Beach, which is just some 3 miles (5 km) away.

Although this beach has been a favorite destination of tourists for more than two decades, it has not lost its appeal, and in fact more people are coming to vist every year. It is also suitable for beginners, because you only need descend a few meters down before you come upon the wall that goes for on for over 30 meters (100 ft).

Once there a vast array of coral reefs, myriad types of fish, anemones and corals will greet you. Even with the passage of time, Panagsama Beach in Cebu continues to be one of the most highly regarded dive sites in the province.

Calangaman Island

Lying between Malapascua Island in Cebu and the island province of Leyte, Calangaman Island is one of the up and coming diving
attractions in the Philippines.

The fact that it is still relatively not as well known makes it ideal for the tourist who wants some solitude and quiet. Not only is it unspoiled, but there are actually several dive sites on the island for you to choose from, each one serving up plenty of fish and corals that would make for beautiful underwater photography.

The Wall of Death

This ominously named dive site, located on the southern tip of the island, is actually one of the most beautiful, with a diversity of aquamarine life forms that few sites can match.

Due to fluctuations of the current, and also because the walls are precipitous, it is recommended that you take this dive with an experienced companion. But once you get to the lower levels, you will see some of the most wide-ranging and distinct sea creatures.

Nudibranchs, corals (soft and hard), reefs, sponges, frogfish, sting rays, mantas, eels and lionfish are just some of the colorful denizens you will come face to face with.

Sumilon Island

Cebu’s Sumilon Island is known as being one of the best maintained marine preserves in the Philippines, making it not just for tourists but also for those who wish to learn more underwater life.

The walls beneath its seas can go to lengths of over 35 meters (over 100 ft), and there is also plenty of sand around them. Among the numerous types of creatures you will see include coralfish, sharks, lionfish, various types of ribbon eels, and more. There are also several undersea caves to explore. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try diving during the night of the full moon, as it brings on stronger currents.

Shark Point

This Cebu dive site is quite near to Malapascua Island i(directly to its south side), and as the name makes clear, a great place to see thresher sharks, and more.

Beneath the waters of Shark Point is a giant plateau, going down some 60 meters (over 200 ft), but there are also a huge number of manta rays, Trigger fish and various corals and sponges. Diving at the site by night is also enjoyable.

Cebu Best Dinning Restaurants

Aside from its wonderful beaches, well-developed tourist attractions, and majestic sceneries, Cebu City is also home to some of the finest, grandest, and most luxurious restaurants in the Philippines. Through the years, these excellent food service providers never fail to satisfy its diverse audiences through their outstanding dedication to total customer satisfaction. When visiting the beautiful Cebu City, always consider dropping by at any of these following topnotch restaurants within the area.

Brothers Burger

Located at 104 South Arcade within Banilad Town Center in the heart of Cebu City, Brothers Burger is a famous restaurant that specializes in some of the best-tasting hamburgers in the country. This popular fast food chain serves international cuisines including in-house specialties like Chili Fries, Onion Rings, and Crispy Fish. Amongst its top-selling burgers are Big Brothers Burger, Brothers Black Angus Burger, as well as Double Brothers Burger. Other exciting alternatives include Brothers Lamb Burger, Brothers Pounder Burger, and Flamed Broiled Burger. Overall, these delectable and sumptuous delicacies fall under the highly affordable price range of 150 to 300 pesos.

Avalon Café

Found at Nasipit within Talamban in Cebu City, Avalon Café is a beautiful restaurant with a very nice, cozy, relaxing atmosphere to brag. Above anything else, this excellent dining location serves authentic Filipino cuisine. The soothing ambiance of the place perfectly blends with some of the specialties of the house including Grilled Pork Belly, Calamares, and Spicy Honey Pork Ribs. Aside from these excellent dishes, many people really love its Breaded Pork Chops. Each of these wonderful dishes is available at super affordable prices, normally ranging somewhere in between 100 and 200 pesos.


Situated at the heart of SM Cebu Food Court within North Reclamation Area in Mabolo, Binalot is an outstanding Cebu City restaurant that takes great pride on the different kinds of exquisite local delicacies that it serves. To experience the best-tasting authentic Filipino cuisine, this topnotch dining facility serves loads of super delectable, palatable, and uniquely named treats like Along Came Talong and Bagoong, You Bet Pinakbet, and Bistek Walastik. Other noteworthy dishes include Sisig na Makisig, Pork Bongga Longganisa, and Love Me Tenderloin Tips. All these and more are very much available at an average price range of 100 and 200 pesos

Café Adriatico

Located at Crossroad Mall within Banilad in Cebu City, Café Adriatico is a fine dining establishment that serves delectable, fine-tasting, and generous amounts of Filipino and Spanish cuisines. This nice, cozy, and relaxing restaurant serves exciting varieties of salads, desserts, and appetizers. For some great-tasting treats, customers must try any of its Chocolate Fondues, Classic Burger, and Spareribs Adobo. Other in-house specialties include Chocolate Eh, Callos, and Salpicao. Generally, the prices for these wonderful and exquisite delicacies run from as low as 200 pesos to as high as 499 pesos.

Café Havana

Found along Garden Row within Ayala Center Cebu, Café Havana offers a cozy, relaxing, and cheerful atmosphere that jives well with its delicious Filipino and Cuban cuisines. Some of the most famous specialties of the house are Cuban Stew Encindido, Caribbean Salmon with Mango Mambo Salsa, and Spareribs Havanera. Additionally, guests must also try exciting delicacies like Cuban Crunchy Calamares, Chicharones, as well as Gambao Al Ajillo. Despite the excellent tastes of these extremely fine dishes, their average prices only range from 200 to 499 pesos.


Situated at the second floor of the Forum Building along Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cielo is an Italian-inspired restaurant known for its special delicacies such as Osso Buco, Chicken Parmigiana, and different kinds of gourmet pizzas. For an average price of 200 to 500 pesos, customers can already try numerous exciting dishes as well as other enticing delicacies like Penne Rustica, Grilled Sugi, and Linguini with Clams. Some of the best-tasting desserts at this fine dining restaurant include Tartufo, Panna Cota, and Bread Pudding.

Cebu Hotels and Beach Resorts

Dubbed as the Queen City of the South, Cebu features some of the finest hotels and resorts in the Philippines today, which perfectly complement the booming tourism industry in the area. More than anything else, these hospitality service providers are equipped with the best and the latest amenities available to bring its valued guests total customer satisfaction. When visiting the wonderful City of Cebu, never fail to drop by at any of these excellent venues to experience utmost comfort, pleasure, and convenience.

Marriott Cebu

Located along Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Marriott Cebu is one of the most attractive hotels in the entire City of Cebu as it offers people nothing but the best in terms of hospitality services. In terms of hotel amenities, the place is jam-packed with world-class facilities like a game room, a health spa and massage services, as well as an ultra modern fitness facility. This nice hotel also has several function rooms, which are excellent locations for holding big evens as well as other important gatherings. Furthermore, people can also use them for all-important business-related functions such as meetings, conferences, and seminars. Overall, this Cebu City hotel offers 301 excellent rooms to choose from, all of which are equipped with the finest in-room amenities like bathtubs, stove, as well as serving dishes. The prices for the Deluxe Rooms range from $85 to $155, while the costs for Suites run from $175 to $250.

Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort

Situated at Punta Engano Road in Cebu, Shangri-La’s Mactan Island Resort is another outstanding hospitality service provider, known particularly for its majestic location and facilities. Inside this ultra fine hotel, people can find special restaurants that serve delectable local and international cuisines. Additionally, it also has a business center, fitness gym, and a health club for all its guests and visitors to enjoy. For as much as 8,000 to 12,000 pesos, they can try any of the grandiose Super Garden View, Deluxe Sea View, and Executive Rooms, with key in-room facilities such as IDD telephone lines, coffee tables, and toiletries. On the other hand, this hotel has its own share of the best guestrooms in town for as much as 15,000 to 26,000 pesos including the Executive, Shangri-La, Panorama, and Presidential Suites, which have topnotch major amenities such as iPod docks, home entertainment systems, and balconies.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Found along Salinas Drive within the district of Lahug in Cebu City, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino contains hypermodern facilities like a swimming pool, game room, and fitness facility. The place also features two world-class restaurants namely Treff and Mizu, which serve delectable international and local delicacies and specialties. For only $115 to $130, the standard rooms are subcategorized into Superior, Deluxe, and Twin Bed units, all of which have IDD telephones, refrigerators, and mini-bars. On the other hand, the suites are further subdivided into different types including Junior, Ambassador, Penthouse, Bridal, and Family suites, with the prices ranging from $200 to $250.

Alegre Beach Resort

Located along Calumboyan within Sogod in the Island of Cebu, Alegre Beach Resort offers tourists and guests a truly wonderful experience as they enjoy the beauty, grace, and elegance of the place. Inside, they can find an excellent gym facility, game room, and several conference rooms. Furthermore, the place also hosts outstanding food service providers like the Cliff Seafood BBQ and Bar as well as the Pavilion Restaurant. Deluxe Rooms cost 15,900 pesos, Deluxe Ocean View Rooms 17,400 pesos, and Deluxe Ocean View Rooms with Gardens for only 18,900 pesos.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

Found at Buyong within Mactan Island in Lapu-Lapu City, Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort is a very famous Cebu hotel and resort known for its prime facilities and topnotch services. This majestic hospitality service provider has major features like kiddie playroom, swimming pools, and offers exciting indoor games like chess, table tennis, and billiards. It also hosts outstanding food service providers like Amuma Spa Café, Oyster Bar at the Cove, and Allegro Restaurant. In terms of rooms, this place features the finest amenities and in-room equipment available. Its highly affordable yet very elegant rooms include Deluxe Beach Wing Rooms, Amuma Spa Royal Suite, and Royal Bungalow, all available within the prince range of $160 to $400.

Tubod Flowing Waters Resort

Situated at Upper Pakigne within the town of Minglanilla, Tubod Flowing Waters Resort is a luxurious hotel that features numerous beautiful cottages, capacious conference halls, and huge swimming pools. Aside from these, it also hosts other added attractions like a basketball court, an in-house restaurant, as well as a butterfly sanctuary. Inside, people can choose any of the affordable, comfortable, and convenient rooms available including dormitory-type non air-conditioned rooms, standard family rooms, as well as deluxe family rooms, all within the very nice price range of $1,200 to 4,000 pesos.

Sightseeing in Cebu Tourist Spots

Cebu is without question one of the economic powerhouses of the Philippines today, and it is also undisputed that a great deal of this is due to the ever increasing number of tourists, both foreign and local, that have been drawn to the place. There are an endless number of places that you can visit, but among those that must not be missed include the following.

The Cross of Ferdinand Magellan

Few historical landmarks in the Philippines is as well known or highly regarded as this cross. Upon his arrival to the Philippines on April 21, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan and his men were greeted by the then ruler of Cebu, Raja Humabon and his wife. A friendship was born between the two, and as a symbol of peace, Magellan installed a wooden cross upon the shore on which he had stepped on.

Today the cross can be found in a chapel adjacent to the Basilica Minore de Santo Nino, on a street bearing his name (Magallanes). The chapel itself is a main tourist attraction in Cebu; hexagonal in shape, the visitor is greeted, once inside, by breathtaking paintings reminiscent of the works of Renaissance masters.
The cross itself cannot be missed, as it is in the center. To prevent further erosion, the relic has been placed within another cross, which is what people will see.

The Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Along with the Magellan Shrine, there is also one dedicated to Lapu-Lapu in Punta Engano, Mactan. There is an 80ft (20 meters) statue of the chieftain and there are also artful depictions of the famed Battle of Mactan.

The Basílica Minore de Santo Nino

According to legend, sometime in 1565, some friars found a wooden chest on the shores where Magellan had landed, and inside they found a black Sto. Nino (the Infant Jesus). Believing it to be a miracle, the Augustinian priest Andres de Urdaneta had a church built on the spot where the statue was found, which would become

the Basilica de Santo Nino.

The Basilica underwent several construction phases; when it was initially built the material consisted of wood and bare earth. In 1735, Governor Fernando Valdes of Cebu ordered that stones be placed around the edifice to strengthen it.

Among the numerous objects that can be seen include a grand rosary, statues, images, and garments worn by the clergy. There are also antique furniture inside the Basilica.

The Taoist Temple

No trip to Cebu would be complete without visiting the Taoist Temple. Constructed in the early 1970s, the place has become very popular not just among tourists but also the Cebuanos themselves.
Surrounded by lush trees, the first thing that will impress the traveler is the entryway which has been modeled to resemble the Great Wall of China.

Once inside one can explore the site (for it is open to all, regardless of belief). There is library, a chapel, a place where you can buy souvenirs, and also the dragon statue.

The Marcelo Fernan Bridge

A marvel of engineering, the bridge is a testament to the modern infrastructure that pervades in Cebu. Measuring over 4,000 ft (12,00 meters) it forms the link between the islands of Cebu and Mactan. Unlike other bridges in the Philippines, the structure has four lanes, plus pedestrian sidewalks. Built in 1999, the bridge was named after Marcelo Fernan, a Cebuano who would become a Supreme Court Justice and later Senate President.

The Magellan Shrine

One of the most popular landmark in Mactan Island in Cebu, the shrine is some 100 ft high (30 meters) and located in Punta Engano. It was built in honor of the famed Spanish explorer, and the site where the shrine was built is said to be where Magellan was slain by Lapu-Lapu.

Fort San Pedro

Within the Plaza Independencia in the Pier Area lies Fort San Pedro, a military stronghold whose construction was decreed by no less than Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

It is an imposing structure, measuring some 6,660 sq ft (2,000 sq. meters) and some 30 ft (9 meters) tall, it has served a variety of functions. Its initial reason for being was to help the Spanish in their battles against the Muslims. Later on it became a stronghold of the American forces after they defeated the Spaniards.

Before World War II erupted it was turned into a school. During the war, several members of the Japanese Army sought refuge in the place, but when it was retrieved by the Allies it became a sanctuary for the wounded.

Today various parts of the building have been restored and is now one of Cebu’s main attractions. Today one will find in Fort San Pedro a museum, artwork, chapels, gardens and prisons.

Cebu Beaches

There are many beautiful Cebu beaches, so you will have so many choices if you visit the city. You don’t even have to know how to swim just so you can have fun. There are so many things that you can enjoy. You can do some sunbathing or beachcombing. You can catch on your reading while lounging under a palm tree by the beach.

Camotes Island

There are many Cebu beaches that you can visit. All of them have something unique to offer. If you can afford to do some beach hopping, you can start with Camotes Island. This island is perfect for beach hoppers because this piece of paradise is actually composed of four islets – Pacijan, Poro, Ponson and Tulang. The island is located in the northeast section of Cebu City.

Badian Island

If you want to go to an island where you can find an accommodation, you should visit Badian Island, a tropical island off Moalboal which is still a part of the territory of Cebu. This is a great place to retreat to if you need to relax for a week or two. You can get a room in Badian Island Resort and Spa. This resort is a perfect getaway from the noise of the city.

Bantayan Island

Another island that is worth the visit is Bantayan Island which is located at the northern part of Cebu. This island is one of the popular tourist destinations in Cebu. Many foreign tourists flock to the island to enjoy its powder white sands, clear turquoise waters, laid-back atmosphere and friendly people.

Malapascua Island

If you decide to visit Bantayan Island, you should also check out the Cebu beaches of Malapascua Island. This island is also popular among tourists because of its white sand beaches and clear waters. There are many dive spots surrounding the island, so if you love diving, you should consider checking out what this island has to offer. Perhaps, you will get to see the famous thresher shark. You can also bring your family to Malapascua for snorkeling or swimming. Many people consider this island as the next Boracay because it practically has everything Boracay has to offer.

Moalboal Beach and Panagsama Beach

There are many Cebu beaches that can be found off the coastal areas of Cebu City. One of this is Moalboal Beach which is found in the small town of Moalboal. This beach is famous as a dive site. However, many tourists visit this place for the reasonably priced accommodations and affordable food. Aside from this beach, you can also visit Panagsama Beach which is famous among the locals. If you are on a tight budget, but you would like to enjoy a day on the beach, you can visit these Cebu beaches. You will definitely enjoy the tropical water and warm atmosphere that they have to offer.

Mactan Island

One of the famous islands of Cebu is Mactan Island. Aside from Mactan Cebu International Airport, this island also offers pristine beaches and grand hotels. If you have the money to spare, you should try to indulge yourself with the luxurious experience that Mactan resorts and beaches have to offer.

Nalusuan Island

The most popular island among locals in Cebu is Nalusuan Island. This island has firmly established itself as one of the prime tourist destinations in Cebu. The area surrounding this island has been treated by the owners as a marine sanctuary. As a result, the area is abundant in numerous underwater species that are thriving gloriously. This is one of the best Cebu beaches for children. The owners have made sure that the swimming areas are safe, so you can bring your children here without worrying too much about their safety. The island boasts of a huge man-made pool where you will find various marine species.

Indeed, there are numerous Cebu beaches and all of them have their own unique offerings. All of them are actually contributing to the growth of Cebu as one of the best tourist destinations in the country. If you are planning of visiting the city, make sure that you don’t miss out on the experience.

How to get to Cebu

The island of Cebu serves as the entry point to about two-thirds of the Philippines. Upon landing in this island, the first thing that comes to the minds of the tourists is to take a historical tour, go hiking, practice their tee shot, or take a plunge at the island’s coral reefs, considered as among the world’s best.

Being a tourism hub in the country, Cebu is accessible by all possible means of transportation – air, land, and sea. Here we will take a look at the various transportation options when going in and around Cebu.

How to get to Cebu By Air

Air transportation to and from Cebu is possible locally as well as internationally. Among the national carriers, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are the most common airplanes that land in Mactan Airport. Among the international carriers, Silk Air arrives from Singapore.

From Hong Kong, the frequent carriers landing in the airport are Cathay Pacific and Cebu Pacific. Qatar Airways has a direct connection to Mactan Airport from the Middle East country. From Manila, direct flights to Cebu are made at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

How to get to Cebu By Sea

The Super Ferry is one of the more comfortable means of transportation from Manila to Cebu. Cabin reservations can be arranged by those who are planning to bring along their friends or families. The Quadruple Cabin sharing has its own toilet and bath. The trip normally takes about a day. There are daily trips with the exception of Saturday.

To go island hopping, bancas are the best means of transportation.

How to get to Cebu By Land

Taking the bus is the best option when travelling from one end of Cebu to another. This can be done by taking a ride from the north or south terminal.

Jeepneys provide the mode of transportation when going for a city trip. This gives tourists the chance to meet local people. Likewise, there is the tartanilla, which are horse-drawn carts, that give tourists the chance to experience the lives of early Cebuanos.

Because of their availability around the city, taxis have been the most preferred mode of traveling in and around Cebu. Aside from accessibility, taxis are also cheap and efficient. The majority of the drivers know their way around the city. One can easily flag down another taxi in case the first driver is not familiar with the city.

Most of the taxis in the island are metered. The fare starts at 30 pesos and an additional 2.50 would be charged for every half kilometer. There is likewise a 2.50 pesos additional fee for every five minutes that you make the driver wait. One must be cautious of drivers who refuse to use their meters or collect fare that exceeds the amount indicated on the meter.

Whenever you encounter taxi drivers who refuse to use the meter or deliberately go to the wrong direction, the best thing to do is to embark from the taxi and flag down another cab. However, if the driver is very courteous, you could give them an additional 10 to 20 pesos for their services and for unloading your baggage from their compartment.

Whenever possible, do not take private taxis. These drivers usually have the tendency of taking advantage of tourists by charging them five to ten times more than the regular rate. Taking private taxis is advisable only when you are going on a long trip and you would want to negotiate for a fixed cost.

As you can see, whatever mode of transportation you choose, there is an assurance that you will be reaching your destination. Now, there is no excuse for you not to visit Magellan’s Cross and other tourist destinations that Cebu has to offer.

Cebu Shopping Malls Review

Cebu shopping can be a great experience. The city does not lack of anything when it comes to shopping. It is a great hunting ground for antiques. It is packed with religious relics that date back to centuries. The city offers gastronomic bite delights like dried mango preserves, otap, dangit, turrons and fresh fruits. You will also find the best rattan furniture in Cebu. The city is actually the top exporter of rattan products. The craftsmanship of the Cebuanos is impeccable and has, in fact, received international recognition. Cebu shopping also offers great bargains on fine handicrafts. You will find silver jewelry, hand-woven fabrics, lampshades, abaca bags and more.

Ayala Mall

This mall is by many considered the best mall in Cebu, it is not as big as SM CIty Cebu, but it is a lot nicer and moce comfortable to do malling in. It hosts a lot of restaurants and even a bar in the restaurants circle. Restuanrants in Yala Mall include: Kublai Khan(Mongolian BBQ), Persian Palate(Indian/Persian food), Lemongrass(Thai food) and loads of other nice establishments.

Carbon Market

When doing some Cebu shopping, you should start off your expedition at Carbon Market. This is Cebu’s biggest public market. If you want to save money from shopping, you should opt to shop for food and handicrafts in local markets like this. You will find great bargains. The freshest fruits are also available here. Do not leave Cebu without having had tried their ripe mangoes. After all, they’re considered to be the best in the country.

Tabian Market

If you are looking for dried food products, you should go to Tabian Market. It has the best variety of dried fishes, dried mangoes, pork rinds and other products. You will find a lot of people queuing up for dried fishes like diles, tuyo and dangit. It is advisable, however, that you should do some price haggling when you shop in this market. You will be able to get great prices and bargains.

Airport Stalls

If you are looking for good souvenirs, you should visit the stalls near the airport. You will find local products being sold there at bargain prices. Of course, you can find most products in the Carbon Market as well, but if you don’t have the time to visit the market before you leave Cebu, you can always drop by these stalls and get some fresh or dried mangoes, dried fish, dried squid, otap and mango-tamarind candies. There are also some stores that sell t-shirts, guitars and bags.

Alegre guitar factory

Cebu shopping is certainly not complete if you are not lagging a guitar on your way home. Now, if you are looking for a well-crafted guitar, you should visit the Alegre guitar factory. This shop sells various string instruments like mandolins, ukuleles and of course, guitars. The factory does not ship out guitars, however, so if you want to buy, you have to carry your purchase home. If you want to have more options, you should visit Maribago, the center of the city’s guitar making industry. You could also try the Opon area in Mactan, Cebu. World-class quality guitars are also crafted in that area.

SM City

Cebu shopping is not limited to native products or handicrafts. The city boasts of numerous shopping malls. One of the biggest malls in Cebu is SM City, a 4-level building with department store, supermarket, eight movie theaters, bowling center, amusement center, trade hall, and numerous retail outlets and restaurants. This mall is often packed with a lot of local shoppers.

Aside from SM City, Cebu also has Ayala Mall, one of the swankiest shopping centers in the city. This mall seemingly caters more to the tastes and preferences of foreign tourists. It is the biggest shopping mall in the city. It offers similar facilities as those of SM City, but its retail outlets carry Western products and its restaurants offer Western cuisines and delicacies.

Robinson’s Place and smaller malls

Aside from SM City and Ayala Mall, Cebu also has Robinson’s Place. Unfortunately, this mall has lost its popularity and its luster after the other grand malls were built. Cebu shopping, however, also offers smaller malls that you can visit if you still have time to spare. These include Country Mall, E-Mall and Mango Square.

Shopping in Cebu can be a great experience. From dried mangoes, to dried squids, to Calvin Klein jeans from Ayala Mall, Cebu shopping is indeed fun. If you are planning to visit the city soon and you plan to do some shopping, you should consider learning how to haggle for prices, so you will have more fun bargaining for your purchases.

Hospitals in Cebu

Cebu provides some of the best medical and health care services and facilities in the country through its quality hospitals. Here are some hospitals in Cebu.

Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) Hospital

This 300-bed tertiary hospital in Cebu started in August 1972 as an infirmary for patient-care, monitoring, treatment, rehabilitation, and health maintenance and improvement purposes. It is staffed with some of the best medical personnel in the city of Cebu with the necessary skills and knowledge. It believes that patient care is two-fold; medical and spiritual care. Thus, it has a partnership with the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres.

CDU hospital in Cebu is also among medico-educational research bases in the country, with its modern facilities for neurology, pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiovascular surgery, and EENT, among others, and hi-tech equipments like Fenwal Amicus Separator, Hsiangtai Centrifuge, APERTO, and Hematology Analyzer, among many others.

Perpetual Soccour Hospital

Perpetual Soccour Hospital in Cebu started in 1936 as a rundown hut where poor patients were cared for by two nuns and a young nun-nurse. The underprivileged patients merely gave vegetables and fruits as a love gift for the compassionate missionaries. On better occasions they gave chickens. Then World War II ravaged it. But in April 1959 a new 100-bed hospital in Cebu was inaugurated and started operations as Perpetual Soccour Hospital. It is known for hospital and medical care with a heart specializing in heart, kidney, cancer, and rehabilitation, blood donating, and even feeding poor kids, among many others.

Cebu City Medical Center

Envisioned as a world-class hospital in Cebu, this infirmary is government owned and has a holistic approach in patient care and treatment. It boasts of a generally accepted medical and paramedical program and training facilities for the same, as well. Various medical departments of Cebu City Medical Center includes medical and dental services, ancillary services, nursing services, and administrative services, among others. For better community service, this hospital in Cebu has satellite emergency infirmaries in Barangays Bonbon and Guba.

Vicente Sotto Medical Center

Named after the famous senator in the early 1900s, this general tertiary hospital in Cebu started in 1911. Known then as “Hospital Del Sur,” this 30-bed hospital grew to being a 350-bed hospital in 1984 when it became a medical center. Sometime before this, it also was re-named “Southern Islands Hospital.” It is dedicated to providing preventative, curative, and rehabilitative medical and health care for Cebu City. It offers all general medical services as well as specialized ones, like Urology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and Neurosurgery, among others.

Cebu (Velez) General Hospital

This hardworking 200-bed hospital in Cebu serves about 8000 patients annually. It is staffed with some of the best medical professionals of Cebu City, many of whom are supplied by the Cebu Institute of Medicine, its renowned medical school. Cebu Velez General also has a 30-bassinet nursery. This general hospital in Cebu is known for focusing on mother-baby health care, among many other things, and especially on available rooming-in features.

Chong Hua Hospital

Home of many of Cebu’s top medical specialists and sub-specialists, this hospital in Cebu has 660 beds and modern equipments and facilities. This 11-level twin tower infirmary is easy to locate in the center of the city proper of Cebu. It started in 1909 when it began to provide Cebu folks with quality medical and hospitalization facilities and treatment and was among pioneers in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.

These are just some of Cebu’s excellent infirmaries. Being the queen city in the south, Cebu has quality hospitals for its residents and visitors. Medical and health care are ideal in this city and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Cebu Festivals

The Sinulog Festival

Topping the list of all the fiestas and celebrations in Cebu is without doubt the Sinulog Festival. Held on the third day of the first month of the year, this is a glorious feast for the Santo Nino de Cebu, the most revered religious figure in the province.

In its most basic concept, the festival is all about remembering the past religious beliefs of the Cebuanos and their conversion to Christianity. There are actually several of these held in the various parts of the island, but the biggest one is of course in Cebu City.

At the center is a massive and colorful street dance parade. The participants are all clad in colorful and traditional attire, and their movement is accompanied by the beat and rhythm of musical instruments, ranging from gongs to trumpets to drums and the clapping and cheering of the audience.

At the ninth day of the Sinulog feast comes the Grand Parade; before it commences a boat procession of the Santo Nino at the early morning hours takes place, with the statue adorned with various flowers, relics and candles.

The journey commences at Mandaue and ends at the Basilica. A street procession follows later in the day. This is followed by a Mass, and then the resumption of the street parade.

Marawi Festival

This feast is held every 7th of May, principally in Mandaue City. In essence, it is all about the foundation of the city, and the vital role it played in Cebu’s history after Magellan first set foot upon it.

As with other fiestas, there are colorful street dancing, but at the same there are also dramas and plays that serve to highlight the important points in the city’s past. There are also figures from local folklore, like the giants and elves, and there are also various floats. There is also a grand fireworks show, and a contest for the finest street dancers and floats.

The Fiesta of the Virgin
Held every November 21, this event once again symbolizes the unique blend of religious piety and celebration that Cebu is known for.

This feast, like most others, is in honor of a patron saint (Opon). Beside a procession of religious relics and images, there is alongside it a festival of food sharing and a a pageant that culminates in the unveiling of the chosen Fiesta Queen.

Christmas (Paskuhan) is the most widely awaited holiday of the year for Cebuanos, and the celebrations begin in early December.

From homes to malls to shops, you will see colorful lights signifying the Yuletide season. The parol and other Christmas decors will be hung over the homes, and there will be plenty of songs, gatherings and gift giving all throughout the month. The caroling, a Filipino tradition, wherein children go from house to house singing Christmas songs, is alive and well in Cebu.
Kadaugan sa Mactan

Every 27th of April at the Mactan Shrine in Puerto Engano, Mactan, the people reenact the Battle of Mactan, where the famed Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan met his end at the hands of Lapu-Lapu.

The event lasts for a whole day, and there are plenty of activities held throughout. These include, for visitors, a tour of the major battlegrounds, as well as other places of interest. One can also find information on the culture of the people whom Magellan encountered. The highlight of course, is the re-staging of the epic battle.
Fiesta sa Carcar

Every 24th of November, the town of Carcar in Cebu holds a feast on behalf of its patron saint, Saint Catherine.

While there are several aspects and activities in the festival, the most notable is what may be called the food fest. The residents would open their doors to neighbors, friends, relatives and even to the town visitors, so that may also partake of the local cuisine. Under Spanish rule for a long time, the end result are dishes that offer a delicious mix of both Spanish and Filipino delicacies.

Cebu Educational Schools Review

Known as the second most significant city in the Philippines, Cebu City features numerous high standard colleges and universities. To promote academic excellence, these educational institutions offer outstanding curriculums and first-rate research programs, which can significantly improve the condition of tertiary students in the city. Aside from their extensive baccalaureate and graduate degree programs, most of these educational institutions also offer super affordable tuition fees.

Southwestern University

Located along Urgello Street at Villa Aznar within the City of Cebu, Southwestern University aims to produce highly competent, well motivated, and dedicated individuals. To attain this noble objective, this topnotch educational institution offers several excellent academic programs such as Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Meanwhile, there are also highly outstanding academic programs designed for graduate students including Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management and Doctor in Public Administration.

Cebu State College of Science and Technology System

Situated at the corners of R. Palma and M. J. Cuenco Streets in Cebu City, Cebu State College of Science and Technology System is one of the most popular tertiary schools in the province, which specializes in numerous highly significant fields of interest particularly Engineering and Business Management. In order to cultivate and nourish the potentials as well as the skills of its students, this premier educational institution provides high quality academic programs like Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Moreover, this topnotch college also accepts enrollees for its highly commendable graduate programs such as Doctor in Development Education, Master in Public Administration, and Master of Science in Industrial Technology.

University of the Visayas

Surrounded by Sanciangko, Colon, and D. Jakosalem Streets in the beautiful City of Cebu, University of the Visayas is one of the leading and most popular tertiary schools in the province, which specializes in the all-important field of Health Sciences. Above all, three of the most popular academic programs that the school offers are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Biology, and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. For graduate students, they can enroll in globally competitive academic programs such as Master of Science in Management Engineering, Master of Science in Business Administration, as well as Master of Public Administration.
University of San Jose-Recoletos

Located along Magallanes Street in the City of Cebu, University of San Jose-Recoletos is another popular educational institution in the province of Cebu, which aims to promote high quality education in the country. To achieve the school’s vision, it offers commendable and high standard academic programs like Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Bachelor of Library and Information Science, and Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Aside from these special baccalaureate degrees, the university also offers Bachelor of Law for individuals who have particular interest in pursuing highly successful careers in the field of Law.

Don Bosco Technology Center

Situated at Punta Princesa in the wonderful City of Cebu, Don Bosco Technology Center is a well-known private tertiary school in the province, which specializes in the highly significant fields of Technical Education and Engineering. In order to produce highly competent and responsible professionals, this educational institution offers outstanding academic programs such as Bachelor of Science in Technical Education, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering, as well as Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Major in Furniture Manufacturing. Aside from its excellent curriculums and first-rate research programs, more and more students continue to enroll at this premier educational facility because of its highly affordable tuition fees, especially when compared to other colleges and universities within the area.